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Swansea City FC Launch Responsible Gambling Project

Tuesday, 17th September 2019 4:11pm

As the number of people with gambling addictions continues to rise in the UK, we are seeing more and more businesses, organisations and charities pledge money and support to encourage change. From advertising campaigns geared solely at responsible gambling to online support now accessible with the click of a button, it is safe to say that as a nation, we are making the effort to aid problem gamblers back to health.

Just this week, Welsh football club, Swansea City FC, adds itself to the list of clubs creating awareness, launching a responsible gambling project like no other. In a mission to protect supporters from gambling-related harm, the Championship side has made a ‘Responsible Gambling Pledge’ which will form part of a larger initiative to position Swansea City as team that cares about its fans and their wellbeing.

Working on a new responsible gambling ‘plan’, Swansea City FC are putting pillars in place that will limit betting adverts being promoting to their supporters. This will reduce the number of betting adverts placed on the club’s official website, on their social media pages as well as in their brochures and other marketing collateral.

To take this mission forward, the team will appoint ‘Champion Jacks'. These are fans that they recruit to help them with decision-making on subjects concerning gambling.

Champion Jack, Ben Church, 18, said:

“Swansea City believes that sponsorship by betting and gaming companies must be conducted in a socially responsible way.

“It should aim to balance promotional opportunities with measures that help preserve the welfare of those playing or watching and who could be at risk of becoming addicted to gambling or be addicted to gambling already.

“Responsible gambling is an area I feel passionate about and I hope to make a difference.”

In addition to working with young people to limit their exposure to gambling promotions, Swansea City also look to roll out a support network for the club’s staff members to use if they need it. Staff members will also be offered training via a betting education program as part of this club-wide initiative.

While a great leap forward for the club, the Welsh side will still be heavily aligned with a number of betting providers. These include their main sponsor; YOBET. However, the club promises that when working with betting brands, there will be a number of new restrictions put in place, ensuring their stance on responsible gambling is always made clear and at the forefront of campaigns.

Let us know what you think about Swansea City’s latest pledge. Is it enough to help limit problem gambling amongst football fans?

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