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Poker Sites

Online poker sites information.

Historians say that poker can be dated back to 10th Century China. While we can’t be sure if that is true, what we do know is that the way we play poker has changed dramatically, with the constant influx of new technology always redefining the game of luck.

Now, over 85% of poker games played in the UK are played online, with Brits having over 1000 different online poker portals to choose from at any one time.

But, with so much choice comes so much risk, with online poker being highly addictive. Below, we give a brief overview of poker sites, how they work and the things online bettors need to be aware of when registering with an online poker provider.

Different types of poker games to choose from

Online poker sites will celebrate their wide variety of poker games available on their website. But, having multiple options has some major downsides. Firstly, a poker player’s desire to test themselves on each different type of poker game could mean players deposit more money, more often than if they were playing one traditional poker game.

Furthermore, if a player is spending more money on numerous games that they are unfamiliar with they are less likely to win. As the old saying goes, you will become a jack of all trades and a master of none. The game of poker involves an awful lot of luck and a certain amount of skill. Therefore, reducing your knowledge of a particular game will remove the skill element and leave you totally reliant on luck.

Live poker rises to prominence

Another feature of online poker sites that is constantly celebrated by the websites themselves is the ‘live poker’ option. Live poker tournaments will give players the ability to join a poker table at a real casino all from the comfort of their own home.

Frankly, the live poker tournaments were developed only to appease the players that become easily bored. The ability to interact with a live dealer and the feel of a real casino will keep many players playing for longer than they would if they were playing digital games or even if they were playing at a land-based casino for that matter.

Big prize pots for online tournaments

As the popularity of online poker grows so do their prize pots. “What's the harm in that?” I hear you ask. Well, for most this isn’t a problem, a bigger prize will just make every win far more lucrative. However, players aren’t going to win every time, in fact, wins may be few and far between. This could lead to players joining more tournaments or spending far more money to buy-in to a tournament than they would if the stakes weren’t quite as high.

Vast prize pots could also have an influence on how a player plays. With the potential to win huge sums of money, poker players would be forgiven for letting the prize at stake affect their play. Whether that is taking risks they usually wouldn’t or playing more conservatively than normal. Any outside influence on how a player plays a game of poker will be detrimental to their chances of winning.

Free poker

There's no such thing as a free lunch or a free game of poker for that matter. If an online poker site offers free games of poker to its customers then you have to ask yourself why. Free poker games tend to be there to entice customers into playing regularly on the site. If a player plays for free and wins the odd game then they are going to be more inclined to part with their own cash and join a paid-for poker tournament.

The downside to that is that you will come up against other players that have also enjoyed success in the free games. All of a sudden, you’re depositing money to play games at a far higher standard against players far more capable than those casually taking part in the free poker games.

If you can play a free game of poker and get sufficient enjoyment from this then keep on playing, do not fall into the trap of using these games as a stepping-stone into the paid-for tables.

Welcome poker bonuses

Welcome bonuses are offered by most poker sites to all new customers and occasionally to existing players. Like free poker games, poker bonuses are used as a way of enticing you into joining the world of online poker. However, win or lose, these initial welcome bonuses can be quite dangerous.

A game of poker can be enjoyable therefore, if you play a game of poker using a welcome bonus and proceed to lose that free bonus you are still likely to deposit your own money and play a paid-for game. If you turn a profit when playing with your initial bonus then you could be lured into a false sense of security and choose to up the ante, depositing your own money.

Inevitably, playing with your own hard-earned cash is likely to offer larger prizes than the moderate winnings available when using your welcome bonus. There's a chance that you could win once more when depositing your own money but the term ‘beginner’s luck’ derives from this exact scenario, you will lose eventually. After all, it’s worth remembering that the house always wins.