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Free Bingo

Free bingo bonuses

Whether you are a bingo player or not, you will no doubt have come across adverts online promoting ‘free bingo’ to you.

Free bingo is pretty self-explanatory; deals that permit you to play bingo free of charge. But, free bingo deals are not always as straightforward as they first appear, with bingo providers all taking a different approach to bingo deals of this nature.

If you are confused as to what free bingo is and the different types of free bingo variations out there, keep reading.

Free bingo bonuses

Like sports betting, poker and casino, bingo is also a game that you can access free bonuses to play with. Permitting players to play in 75 and 90 ball rooms without spending their own cash, these bonuses can seem rather generous. However, when you scratch away at the service, the bingo provider actually gets more from the promotion than the recipient of the deal.

Free bingo welcome bonus - most online bingo providers will offer a free welcome bonus to those new to their site, incentivising customers to play bingo via their platform as opposed to anywhere else. Where this may seem like a generous offer, welcome bonuses are actually an effective way to hook new players in, giving them a reason to try new games by taking away the worry to find the money to do so. However, this can result in the development of new bingo habits, seeing players try new games and play in rooms that they otherwise wouldn’t have. So, when you see a free welcome bingo bonus, remember that there are risks involved.

Matched deposit bingo bonuses - matched bonuses are another route to free bingo. Matched deposit bonuses are usually used for new players but can also come in the form of reload offers. The ‘matched’ aspect means that the bingo site will match whatever you deposit up to a certain amount. So, if you deposit £50 into a matched deposit bonus deal, you can play bingo with £100; £50 of yours and the £50 given to you by the house.

Think this sounds like a great deal? Think again! Matched deposit bonuses are proven to encourage people to spend more of their own money than they would not normally. So, while £50 free to play bingo with sounds ideal, remember you have to personally part with that same amount also.

First loss bingo bonus - for many losing is not an option. However, with the unpredictable nature of bingo, losing is a common eventuality. In a mission to soften the blow players take, many bingo sites will offer a first loss free bonus, giving players a free £5/£10 should they experience a loss. This has however bred a culture within the game, seeing players not afraid of losing due to having a free bonus there that works as a comfort blanket.

First win bingo bonus - a first win bingo bonus works in the same way as a first loss bonus does. But, if you win, you will get a bonus to use how you like. The issue with this is that it equips players to go big, wagering more than usual on a game and consequently heightening the risk of a loss.

Free bingo rooms

Free bingo in the way of promotions is not the only form of free bingo that can be obtained online. Many bingo providers now boast dedicated free bingo rooms, many of which have weekly prize pots bingo players compete to get the biggest slice of.

Footing the bill for the prize pot, these free games are positioned as risk-free. But, in order to enjoy such games, players are subjects to an array of bingo promotions. And, the more time spent on bingo sites playing free bingo, the more susceptible you will be to big shiny deals that do involve you spending your own money.

Free bingo games are usually given dedicated time slots also. Say for instance, you can play bingo in free bingo rooms on a certain site everyday from midday-1pm, you are likely to revisit and claim your free game every week. What this does is turn the odd game of bingo here and there into something that is habitual. This can lead to an unhealthy relationship with bingo; something you should do all you can to avoid.

Free bingo via VIP schemes

As well as welcome bonuses and other new player offers, bingo sites are also building VIP schemes for loyal players, seeing regular bingo players climb through the ranks and claim all sorts of prizes at each milestone they reach. These are usually staggered using the bronze, silver, gold and platinum categories. And, when a player reaches each milestone, they will be rewarded with a free bingo bonus of some sort. This results in players playing games of bingo simply to get their bingo points in and reach the next stage of their VIP scheme, giving way to more careless, reckless playing.