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Germany Launches Annual Responsible Gambling Awareness Day

Monday, 30th September 2019 2:30pm

Every day marks some sort of national day. From worthwhile days like Mental Health Awareness Day to more bizarre ones such as Pepperoni Pizza Day, every 24 hours we have something new to celebrate. Enhanced by our constant use of social media, these days get some serious traction and coverage online. This is why many organisations, charities and even governments are getting involved and launching these daily campaigns.

Just today, we learn that Germany’s?Federal Centre for Health Education?(BZgA) is to launch Germany's annual Responsible Gambling Awareness Day. This will be accompanied by a safe betting portal whereby online gamblers can carry out a test to uncover whether or not they have a problem with gambling.

Wanting to create awareness of problem gambling, this is a hugely positive move in our opinion, giving the country's gamblers all the information they need to gamble responsibly and have a healthy relationship with casino games and sports betting.

Called Aktionstag Glücksspielsucht,?the organisation will work with the slogan ‘Don't Gamble Until You Are Addicted', being very direct in its messages.

‘[It] is important to inform people and make them aware of the addictive native of gambling before they develop problems,” BZgA chief?Dr Heidrun Thaiss?said.

“This is why the BZgA is offering online and offline information and counselling services, in several languages, for gamblers and their relatives.”

The organisation will also be distributing leaflets to bettors across the country, explaining what the campaign aims to achieve and warning of the risks of repeated gambling.

“Frequent repeated gambling can be a sign of addiction risk,” Thaiss explained.

“Not everyone is aware of this, especially as there are different risks associated with each form of gambling.

“Products offering fast gameplay and short intervals between payouts tend to lead to players gambling more often and spending more money than intended.”

Are you gambling responsibly?

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